David Kezerashvili: Georgian regime preparing for further arrests of political opponents ahead of next year’s election

18.09.2023 - Category: Media StatementsPolitics

David Kezerashvili, former Minister of Defence in Georgia (2006-08), comments on unfounded allegations from the Georgian regime of a coup planned by pro-EU politicians. 

18 September 2023

“These coup allegations are an absurd attempt by the Georgian Dream party to create the preconditions necessary to allow further arrests and harassment of political opponents ahead of next year’s elections in the country.

“Polls show that more than 80% of Georgians favour EU membership, meaning the Tbilisi government faces a huge backlash from voters if candidacy is blocked. 

“Against this backdrop of flagging support, Georgia’s rulers have decided to move against their political enemies sooner rather than later.

“The decision to name key officials in President Zelensky’s military as coup leaders will undoubtedly deepen the rift which already exists between the two governments, and confirm widely-held suspicions that the current Georgian regime is quickly backsliding into the grip of the Kremlin.

“It also marks a fresh determination on the part of Georgia to pursue those citizens who have made the brave sacrifice of travelling to Ukraine to fight Putin’s invasion.”

Read more here in Politico.

About David Kezerashvili

David Kezerashvili is a UK-based entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. David Kezerashvili is a founding member of the reformist United National Movement (UNM), the political party which came to power after the 2003 ‘Rose Revolution’. The nonviolent uprising was led by Mikheil Saakashvili, who was President of Georgia for two consecutive terms until 2013, and was an early mentor to David. In 2006, David was appointed as Minister of Defence within the Saakashvili government, serving until December 2008.

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